The Royal Family of Gyms

Welcome to The Royal Family of Gyms!

As many of you know, Ultimate Athletics has always been known as the Royal Family of Cheer & Dance. We have now expanded that brand to now include The Royal Family of Gyms (RFG). Operating under the same management, Ultimate Athletics, LLC (UA) and GymTyme, Illinois (GTI), along with GymTyme, Louisville (GTL), will deliver a collective coaching philosophy along with parallel skills training for all athletes. No matter which gym you choose, you can expect the very best in Cheer & Dance programming, customer service, and all-inclusive athlete experience. This innovative experience will combine expert coaching staff and comprehensive training from all (3) successful gyms.

The Royal Family of Gyms families will benefit from a comprehensive and shared training curriculum that will encompass stunting techniques/philosophies as well as tumbling standards, techniques and drills created to improve execution, growth and safety! Amazingly, this partnership doesn’t stop there – UA, GTL, and GTI will also share the same style and look with choreography, music, marketing & operations. The first project of this great collaboration is our brand new program packets from all (3) gyms. These packets, while individual to each location, provide a similar, yet distinguishable look that has been meticulously curated to detail our products and services.

The UA family has maintained an intimate relationship with GymTyme that spans more than a decade. Dozen’s of athletes have graduated from UA and moved on to win National and World Championships with the University of Louisville (U of L) and GTL.

For those that don’t know, I managed and ran Ultimate Speed Camps (USC) for 10 years; successfully making it the fastest growing camp company in the country. Many of the past and current UA staff were products of USC. Myself along with my GTI partner, Wes Haley – Official Choreographer for GTL, U of L, and UA since 2001 – as well as 6 of our new GTI staff, have not only cheered for U of L, but have won multiple National Titles with U of L and World Titles with GymTyme All-Stars! There is no group more qualified to cultivate this product into the best in Illinois!

Nothing brings me more joy than coaching kids. When a parent entrusts me with their most precious asset – their child, I feel personally obligated to ensure that their child’s experience is phenomenal. With over 20 years of experience (gymnastics and cheerleading), 2 National Titles, and 10+ years of coaching experience, I am more than equipped to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. I am extremely competitive and passionate about this sport which enables me to invest tirelessly into the business and the Royal Family brand. The feeling I get from knowing that my efforts were instrumental in helping an athlete overcome a fear, master a difficult stunt, or win a National Championship is incredible. I love this sport and the positive impact I have on kids. That is why I am here.

What to Expect

  • National/World Champion Coaches
  • Quality Product
  • Concierge Customer Service
  • State of the Art Training Facility
  • Unmatched Amenities and Services

This exciting new enterprise will seamlessly merge our experienced staff with a quality product that you will not find at any other gym in the Midwest. We look forward to personally welcoming you to the Royal Family of Gyms and eager to proving that our products and services are the best in the Midwest!

Best Regards,

Craig EL