Our History

UA_vintageEstablished in 2001, Ultimate Athletics has grown from an in-house cheerleading program at Ultimate Gymnastics in Gurnee, Ill., to a large-scale, independently owned, multifaceted gym offering all star cheer, all star dance, power tumbling and trampoline, and personal training.

 Today’s program is the result of continued growth through a commitment to excellence and athlete.

Craig El opened Ultimate Athletics with just 3 teams in its original Gurnee location. Quickly becoming one of the largest and most competitive programs in Illinois, the program moved to a new facility in Lindehurst, Ill., where the original senior co-ed level 5 team, Prodigy, was formed.

At the same time, Cheer Fusion was also making a name in the all star cheer industry. Established in 2005, Cheer Fusion was formed by Michelle Reisdorf and two other moms who wanted to provide a place where their daughters could learn the sport of cheer in a family-friendly environment. Win after win, Cheer Fusion’s reputation rivaled UAs for many years.

Recognizing their shared vision for a championship organization that provides athlete-centered instruction, Craig and Michelle merged their companies in 2010 and moved to our current location in Wauconda. Keeping the UA name, the new Ultimate Athletics combined its purple signature color with Cheer Fusion blue and the royal family was born.

With “royalty” and “family” at the core of the company brand, Ultimate Athletics takes an active interest in both the personal and athletic development of every participant in the program. Our motto is “Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.” Through training and competition, during gym-wide social events and fundraising activities, in our everyday interactions with staff, athletes and parents, UA brings our members together as family.
FUN FACT: If you take the UA logo and rotate it to the right, you can make out a CF (for Cheer Fusion) in the design.