Full Season All Star

Travel All Star Cheer (Mini to Senior)

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Full season cheer teams compete against other All Star teams both locally and nationally. The regular competition season runs December through March each year with teams attending between eight and ten events. During this time, some teams may earn a bid to various post-season competitions extending the season into April.

Athletes are evaluated in May of each year and are placed on teams with athletes of similar age* and skill level adhering to the age grid and skill level guidelines set forth by the USASF.

Full season All Star Cheer practices 2 nights per week May to September. Beginning in October, teams will add an additional practice each week until the close of the season. Additional tumbling and stunting classes/clinics are available for those athletes wanting additional instruction on specific skills.

The Mini program (8 and younger) is modified with fewer competitions and limited travel obligations compared to older athletes.

For more information, download our program packet.

All Star Tiny Cheer

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Tiny Cheer is for athletes ages 3-6 who are interested in learning the fundamentals of All Star cheerleading. Participants get the competition experience through exhibition opportunities at the same events as their older gym mates. The Tiny season runs May through March with weekly team practices that include basic jumps, dance, tumbling and stunting instruction. For more information, download the program packet (refer to page 9).

Non-Travel All Star Cheer

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So you want to cheer all star, but you can’t commit to all that traveling? We’ve created an option just for you. You’ll train alongside our traditional all stars in our championship facilities and have access to our Worlds coaches. Same UA experience, only you’ll always compete close to home. For more information, download the program packet (refer to page 9).

All Star Dance

Tryouts Sunday, July, 23

The UA All Star Dance program is designed for individuals that enjoy Hip Hop and other styles of dance. At tryouts, participants will be evaluated for flexibility, strength, core Hip Hop movement, tricks and performance ability … AKA swag!

All Star Dance teams compete 5 to 6 times per season at both local and national competitions. Practices begin in August and the season runs until April. Teams will work to secure a qualifying bid to the USASF Dance Worlds (senior) or The Dance Summit (youth-junior) in Orlando.

Team placement is by age:

  • Mini: 8 and under
  • Youth: 12 and under
  • Senior: 12 to 18
  • International: 18+

For more information, download our program packet (refer to page 7).

International Open Coed Cheer

Competing at level 5 or 6, international teams are comprised of the most elite athletes ages 15+. For more information, please email carrie@ultimateathletics.net

Special Abilities Cheer and Dance

Please visit our Special Abilities Teams page.