Royalty Camps

We offer a variety of camps aimed at teaching you and your team how to utilize effective drills and implement planned skills progressions to generate future success. Our goal is to highlight strengths and ensure peak performance while working toward the mastery of elite skills. In addition, you’ll benefit from our high standards for innovative choreography with a focus on balanced routines. Choose from private or commuter camp options.

Top ten reasons you’ll love Royalty Camps:

  • Higher staff to athlete ratio than any other camp
  • Hand-picked collegiate and professional choreographers
  • Choose from standard camps or build a private camp that works specifically for you
  • Knowledgeable in the rules for rec, middle school, high school and all-star cheerleading
  • Camps come to you or you can train in one of our Royal Family gyms
  • Focused and driven learning atmosphere
  • Personalized Royalty Routines that can be used at pep rally’s and school performances
  • Conditioning exercises and stunt drills to take home
  • Technology available at specific camps
  • No tryouts, minimal breakouts… JUST WORK!

BONUS! You won’t find a more affordable or more customizable camp experience than Royalty Camps!

Skills Technique Camps

Skills technique camps are designed to augment your athletes’ current building skills. Camps focus on teaching updated grips and techniques for the latest stunt entries, transitions, dismounts and body positions. These camps include our very own “Royalty Routine” that focuses on the latest drills to improve stunt consistency. Contact us today or download our registration packet for prices and options. Sample schedules below.

One (1) Day Skills Camp Schedule

Two (2) Day Skills Camp Schedule

Three (3) Day Skills Camp Schedule

Choreography Camps

Looking for a great routine for your team(s)? Our talented staff of local, national, regional and Worlds championship choreographers will provide a unique routine that is sure to hit the top of the score sheet. Add music to your routine and you’ll receive a high-quality, innovative track that is custom produced to match your choreography. Choreography camps are scheduled over 2 consecutive days, 6 hours per day. Custom choreography camps are available. Contact us today or download our registration packet for prices and options.

Specialty Mini Camps

Specialty mini camps are a cost-effective option that provides á la carte skills training for teams with limited time or budget constraints that need to focus on specific skills. Mini camps may be used be used in conjunction with skills technique and choreography camps or as a stand-alone service. Choose one or mix and match:

  • Basket Flight School
  • Co-Ed or All-Girl Collegiate Stunt
  • Basic/Intermediate Stunt
  • Advanced/Elite Stunt
  • Tumbler Technique
  • Beginning Tumble
  • Beginning Twisters
  • Elite Twisters Standing
  • Elite Twisters
  • Elite Power Plus

Download our registration packet for prices and options.