5Star Elite Tumbling and Trampoline

5startrainingcenterUltimate Athletics is proud to provide training facilities for 5Star Elite. Founded with the mission of providing quality instruction to children and young adults, 5Star Elite serves the entire Lake County area and beyond. The organization is a unique academy that trains athletes to attain technical and artistic mastery of the sport thereby enabling students to pursue tumbling as a career if they so desire, building self esteem and confidence, and having fun in the process.


The 5Star Elite team competes with USA Gymnastics, USTA and AAU. From beginner through elite, athletes train for the the following events competing at both national and international competitions.

  • Power Tumbling
  • Trampoline
  • Synchronized Trampoline
  • Double-Mini Trampline

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Tumbling classes are available for team members and anyone wishing to learn the sport. Classes are skill-specific where athletes must meet certain prerequisites before advancing.


This is an introduction to all tumbling skills.  In this class, students will learn all the progressions up to and including the front and back handsprings.


Front and back handsprings


Multiples, tucks, layouts & twisting

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